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Enzo Api­cel­la – Design­er 1922–2018

Work­ing into his 90’s, and even then still email­ing his chums with a daily satir­ic­al car­toon, Enzo had argu­ably as import­ant an impact on UK din­ing as Con­ran, Ram­sey et al.

He came to Lon­don in the 50s hav­ing stud­ied lit­er­at­ure in Naples, served in the second world war in the Itali­an Air For­ce and began design­ing in Rome and then Venice. What he found in Lon­don was an advert­ising scene impressed by his graph­ic art, but a res­taur­ant scene still drag­ging itself out of ration­ing and cheap food.

He began work with a few Itali­an old school eat­er­ies, rip­ping out dowdy interi­ors and repla­cing them with white walls, tiled floors and bright mur­als. Bring­ing life and light from the Med to the West End.

All those down lit pools of light centred on the table at which you sit, that was Enzo’s work as well.

So enjoy your intim­ate din­ner tonight wherever you are and bask in his glory.

A rela­tion­ship with Peter Boizot the founder of Pizza Express led to his designs being spread around the coun­try to be pinched and rep­lic­ated by many rivals. And even many chums. So here he will remain with us at Cro­ma, still spread­ing col­our and light across the land. And as ever, don’t we just need it. Com­pli­menti Enzo e Mille Gra­zie Ragazzo